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U-Haul Truck & Trailer Rentals

U-Haul trucks are especially engineered from the ground up they are meant to move families not haul freight!

Trev’s Automotive is an authorized U-Haul dealer. We rent U-Haul trucks, trailers, and towing equipment and we sell U-Haul moving supplies. We deliver top-of-the-line equipment and products to make your moving experience fast and easy. Give us a chance today to assist with your moving plans in any way that we can.

  • Easy to LoadThe low decks on U-Haul trucks were designed for families to load right from their house. Our competitors trucks were designed to be loaded from a loading dock. Our patented EZ-Load Ramps® are wider,shorter and more rigid than any other ramp in the industry
  • Safety FeaturesU-haul trucks have more safety features than any other rentals in the industry
    • All U-Haul moving trucks are designed to give all drivers high visibility when driving.
    • Our larger moving truck rentals have three-across belted seating to ensure everyone in the cab is safe.
    • The rub-rails on the inside of the U-Haul truck allow you to tie down your goods in tiers to prevent items from shifting.
    • The space above the truck rental—called a Mom’s Attic®—gives you an extra safe place to secure fragile items.
    • High VisibilityOur cabs and mirrors were designed so that every customer, tall or short can see well while driving
    • Well MaintainedOur equipment inspection and verification program ensures clean, well maintained equipment for every customer every time.
    • Damage CoverageWe also offer damage coverage options to relieve you of financial responsibility for any damages to the equipment
    • Air BagsAll of our trucks come equipped with a driver-side air bag and our newest trucks have a passenger-side air bag.
    • 24-Hour Emergency Road ServiceHaving more than 15,000 locations comes in handy if the unexpected happens. With our 24-hour emergency road service. We can get you back on the road quickly